Thai Yoga Massage

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I am currently a Thai Yoga massage therapist living in Lima – Peru, where i also teach Thai Yoga massage classes and workshops. And, i usually travel a few months out of the year, where i offer Thai Yoga massage sessions abroad.

My Story with Thai Yoga Massage

My travels brought me to the beautiful country of Thailand where i spent a few months living in Chaing Mai for the first time in 2014. And, it was 2 hours north of Chaing Mai in the jungle of Thailand that i feel in love with the ancient tradition of Thai Yoga massage. It was in the Lahu Village that i joined the Sunshine Network School to begin my yearly studies of what would become the complement energetic body work to my Yoga teachings.

I continue to travel every year to Chaing Mai and the Lahu Village to continue and deepen my studies, and as an assistant teacher of my Thai massage teacher.

About Thai Yoga Massage:

Experience the free flow of Prana (Vital Energy) throughout your body with the Traditional style of Thai Yoga Massage. This ancient practice focuses on working on the 10 main energy lines of the body through massage work, acupressure points, and Gentle Yoga stretches. Thus, freeing the body and its internal organs of stagnant energy (blockages) that it may be holding onto; stimulating the free flow of Prana, bringing the body back to alignment and balance, improving circulation, releasing muscular tension, and restoring its general well-being.

  • Place of Thai Yoga Massage Studies: Chiang Mai (Thailand) – Lahu Village
  • Thai Yoga Massage School: “The Sunshine Network” in association with the “International Society of Thai Yoga Massage”
  • Thai Yoga Massage Information:

Thai Yoga Massage Sessions Available: 1 hour, 1.5 hrs, 2 hrs, and 3hrs.

To schedule a Thai Yoga Massage Session with me fill out the following form:

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